Cyber Detective



Problems in Relationships

When Problems can not be discussed with every body

This fact finding of your problem related issues is undertaken in a very professional manner. We believe that the sufferer in general does not seek any help either from his/her relative nor from any friend. So we step in and guide them to resolve all their problems together. This is not a money making commercial consultancy, but a warm shoulder where we join up to help you find the real solution to your problems.

Some of Our Services are FREE

Some of Our Services could be FREE for you. If you are keen to resolve an argument or issue with your spouse or feel that your marriage is a failure, we can provide you with solutions/advice. The objective of our existence is to make marriages work and save the marriage. We offer not only a shoulder, but complete legal and practical advice to resolve all your problems. And that too with full Confidentiality. Every case is dealt with one particular executive so that you get his/her full attention.

Detective Services

We can also guide you in case you want to check whether your child needs to be tracked for any type of illegal activity or we can also find out his / her closeness to any opposite sex if the child is a minor and permission of parents needs to be obtained.  Most of these Services are free for you.

Pre-Marriage Verification– Guidance on getting Information of the prospective bride and groom can be provided based on their profiles on social media openly available, so that the prospective bride or groom can decide whether to tie the knot or not.

Infidelity– If you suspect your spouse of any illicit relations, we can guide you to find out the facts on your own. This is a very common reason found to have ruined many a marriage. In most of the case/s, the suspicion takes a big toll on the relationship and we therefore can counsel you as to how to overcome heart burn.

Information of your Spouse Activities– Whether in office or away from home, we will guide you to find  information of your partner’s activities on his/her Facebook profile and other social media. We do believe that if you suspect your spouse’s actions/activities, it is either because of some  misunderstanding or a genuine case of cheating! We together can do the fact finding and resolve all your problems in a positive manner.

Our Other Services

Information of Partner or Spouse– We do guide where close friends need to know more about their partner’s profiles on social media available without invading their privacy.

Wealth & Salary Information– Please note that if one needs to know the exact information of their Spouse salary or wealth; we cannot provide them with this information.

Combating with Cyber Crimes – If you need any guidance or support, we can help you here as well. Our team has cyber and forensics experts to combat any type of cyber related issues. Whether it is lost Passwords of your emails or password protected computers or documents, we can guide you to recover them and resolve all your problems. We advise you to lodge a FIR/Complaint with the police and if you are not able to make your own case, we can help you.

Profiling Personnel – Profiling personnel with regards to their presence on the social networking sites and other activities can be established. This will also involve Computer aided background checks. It is generally applicable for government and legal agencies.