Our Services are very reliable and very competitive –

a) Cyber Security Training (Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Intelligence) basis followed by employment opportunities.
b) Cyber Forensics Services
c) Cyber Audit of Computer, Laptops and Websites.
d) Cyber Crime Investigations
e) Debit / Credit Card Frauds’ help
f) Data theft evidence extraction and data theft protection
g) Tracking/Recovery of Lost Mobile/Laptop with or without IMEI Nos.
h) Counselling of Cyber victims.
i) Tracking Missing, Kidnapped or Absconding persons
j) Extracting evidences from Laptops and Computers.
k) Cyber Crime Consultancy
l) Zero cost help to poor victims
m) Facebook Frauds Investigation and Solutions.
n) Finding persons who have closed their SIMs and or not responding after committing frauds.
o) Vulnerability Assessment of websites.
p) Monitoring Children or Computer Users when permitted.
q) Data Recovery from HDD, Pen drive or memory cards. 
r) Cloning Services of digital media
t) Cyber Security Awareness Workshop and Training
u) Practical Cyber Investigation Course
v) Information Gathering Course
w) Verification of Character Services

Services – Cyber Detective